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When you come back

You thought being away for so long
Maybe the love and affection would pile up too
But you come back and are surprised.😦

The people you thought of,
The places you dreamt of,
The food you felt for
And the clothes you bargained for.😅

Well what did you see?
We all moved on.
We all jumped out of the mind
And stepped into reality.

While you were dreaming,
They were living.
While you were thinking,
They were making.
While you were feeling,
They were acting.
While you were bargaining,
They were selling.

Life could not stop because you were there.
Life continued and that’s how come you are back.😉
Don’t for a second think that the world revolves around you,
Even a housefly does not hang around you for too long. 😂

Take your eyes off the fantasies,
Then you’ll realize being away from that place is the best thing that could happen to you.
Now you’re home so make it count.😆

That New Craze

That new craze that makes a man pause on the way to church
To take a “selfie”.
He’s more fashionable than even the pastor because he is so late
Yet he manages to squeeze a smile,
From the fruit of a succulent lifestyle.
One snap… Change your style.

That girl who would go out with friends and before a “hi” or “hello”
She reaches deep into her bag of many accessories
Whether they are for emergencies or war
One can not tell.
She has the latest phone.
Who gave it to her?
It’s either daddy or that boy whose calls she’s now ignoring.

What does she grab?
The phone.
One snap….. Change your style.
Two snaps…… Change your style.

That mother who finally gets to go out with her daughter
I mean this girl has been pushing mummy away for too long. 😥
This vacation just made sense to mum because of this.
Mama get in touch with the trend 😏
Take out your phone, get someone nearby to do you the honour…
Stand by your beautiful daughter and here we go
One snap, two snaps, three snaps…. Change your style.

That Call

A Short Story

I was sitting down chatting with friends while watching TV as usual. That may not be logically possible but is certainly optimum fun. The stronger opponent though was my phone. Speaking to friends puts me in a strangely different world where the fuel for my excitement is figuring out what that guy is thinking.
That guy is so interesting…. He too… And that one too… And that’s how I stay locked down to my seat for so long just talking. This guy is a special one though, he is so transparent.  It’s obvious he doesn’t like it that I keep long before replying or maybe it’s my conscience doing the observing.
(Yikes😁😁😁…the word #observing# looks funny)
So I kept chatting and having fun… My face took most of the emotions  with different formations and curves on the face. Around 9 o’clock and here it goes. The guy, “Hey have a good night ok” and me, “You too”. As I said that I could just feel the oddity in his choice of words but I chose to ignore that.
Then he said, “I almost forgot  we need to discuss something tomorrow, let me know when you’re ready”. I don’t easily get scared but this was alarming. For a girl like me who tries to get into the thoughts of her talking partners…. mmmmm… I think I should be cautious.
When  you get that call🙇

Who Writes My Story



Life is a story…..though  each story has an author behind
This story has a main author  and minor ones
As I take a walk in the field of adventure
A wind of caution keeps me in the balance
As I drink of the  view from pictures of others’ lives
A tap on the shoulder brings me back to reality.
My story has my name as the title and my life as the content.

I have woken up many mornings feeling like a character in a movie for the main author to watch
On such mornings I just laugh and wonder
Who am I today?
I have woken up other  times feeling aimless
On such mornings I just leave myself to be engaged.
So many chapters, so many pages and so many lines.
Where do I get the stage?
When do I decide the place?
Why don’t I write the storyline?
Who determines my fate that I should only follow?

Part   1




The first touch from the ink.


So this is the new girl’s input…


She’d rather be herself so she could stay that strong.


In her opinion,”Me” goes beyond two letters to one message….”I could never change”.


At this point, she realises her thoughts are too many and possibly too complex to be simplified .


She left it for the postman then to wordpress the letters into a sensible communicative medium which always speaks.


Of what??


The discovery of the “Me” in everyone starting with she…